Henry Love Angel proposes to Margaret Mitchell, 1920s
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Henry Love Angel proposed several times to Margaret Mitchell (author to be of the famous 1936 American novel Gone with the Wind). Margaret finally accepted his ring, as shown here on the photo, but eventually returned it to him again.
She married Red Upshaw instead on September 2, 1922. Margaret soon discovered however that she had made a mistake, separated within a year and divorced him in 1924.

Henry, seeing that his pursuit of Margaret was hopeless, married Grace Augusta Rayfield instead (just 3 months after Margaret's marriage to Red). They had two sons and he remained married to Grace throughout his short life. Henry died in 1945, four years before Margaret, who died tragically in 1949 struck by a car while crossing a street.

Margaret had ordered that all her personal papers were to be destroyed upon her death. But Henry had kept her letters to him from their courting days, as well as over 50 photos plus the original manuscript of her novella (written at age 16) Lost Laisen.
This photo is part of Henry's legacy, handed over by Henry's grandson to the Road to Tara Museum of Atlanta, Georgia in 1995, where all material is presently kept on display.

  Henry Love Angel proposes to Margaret Mitchell, 1920s