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REV 1 - Jazz Education from A to Z

The most important principle of music education is :

Always focus on the fundamentals
the rest will flow on naturally from there.

This applies to all aspects of music, be it instrumental skills, preparing a difficult performance, understanding music theory, composition, or improvisation.

Jazclass offers a wide range of great products which are all based on this principle.

There are no information gaps !!
Each Jazclass book and each Jazclass Course starts from the rock bottom beginning and progressively develops from there.
(Except of course Chords Book 2, which is a follow on from Chords Book 1.)

Together the present collection of Jazclass Books, Email Courses and Courses on CD-ROM cover all important aspects of Jazz, Blues, and Improvisation.

The Jazclass products are the result of my own studies at the Jazz College of Adelaide University (South Australia) and many years of music teaching experience.

Unless you enrol at a University yourself, it is unlikely that you will find a better and easier way to learn and understand this material from the basic principle onwards.

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REV 2 - Jazclass Books

There are three Jazclass books available at present.

  1. Chords Book 1
    Fundamentals of intervals, chords, scales, and principles of improvisation.

  2. Scale & Arpeggios Book
    Teaches you which scale to use over any chord.
    Includes 20 Jazz scales in all keys, with keyboard fingerings for right and left hand.

  3. Blues Book
    All about blues improvisation. Includes 30 blues songs notated for all instruments.
    A Blues tape with Play-a-Long tracks for the songs in the book is also available.

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REV 3 - Jazclass Courses by Email

For all Courses the Course Library and a complimentary copy of the Rhythm Class are sent to you on CD-ROM, which is included in the price (Airmail postage paid).
There are three fun Email Courses to choose from.

  1. Chords Basics (10 lessons)
    The fundamentals of intervals, chords and chord progressions in 10 easy lessons.
    Includes Quizzes and Ear tests.

  2. Blues Basics (10 lessons)
    How to improvise over the blues.
    A good primer if you are new to improvisation.
    Includes Quizzes and many songs with Play-a-Long Midi files

  3. Improvisation Basics (12 lessons )
    Learn to improvise as a professional.
    (Mind you, you won't play like a professional in such a short time, but you will have a clear understanding of how to do it and what to practise.)
    Includes Quizzes and many songs with Play-a-Long Midi files.
    (If you are new to improvisation try the Blues Course first.)

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REV 4 - Jazclass Courses on CD-ROM

Now available on CD-ROM, suitable for both PC and Macintosh computers, the following courses.

Jazz Theory Course - Jam Factory - Music Notation

Piano Technique - Rhythm Class - Saxophone Course

These courses are in web style and can be viewed and printed out with your web browser. They are identical in approach and appearance as the lessons on this website.

Simply copy and paste the Course folder from the CD onto your computer, open the access file with your browser (without going online), and all lessons of the course are at your finger tips.

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REV 5 - Jazclass Improvisation Package

This combination of Book and Courses covers all essential aspects of good Blues and Jazz Improvisation.

It includes numerous exercises, quizzes, ear tests, practice routines and 60 songs for easy improvisation.
permanent/bkrevs5.gifThe Jazclass Improvisation Package is suitable for all instruments and consists of :
  1. Blues Basics Email Course (with midi files Library on CD-ROM)

  2. Improvisation Email Course (with midi files Library on CD-ROM)

  3. Jazz Theory Course on CD-ROM

  4. Jam Factory Course on CD-ROM

  5. Rhythm Class on CD-ROM

Special price for the whole Package only US$ 72

This includes Airmail postage to anywhere in the world.

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REV 6 - Jazz Books by other Authors

Once you have assimilated the fundamentals of music outlined in my books and courses, you are in a much better position to appreciate and benefit from the material in other Jazz books.
You are able to assess new material from an informed perspective.
Useful material will enhance your concept of music, while irrelevant material will no longer confuse you.

Every good musician has an unique perspective on music. This is worth your attention for it always teaches you something new.

There is a huge amount of material available, and it is largely a matter of personal taste what you select.

Jamey Aebersold (1211 Aebersold Drive, New Albany, IN 47180, USA) distributes a large collection of useful books, and his Record and CD Play-a-Long Series is of course world famous.

After improvising with Jazclass Play-a-Long tracks for a while, I suggest that you purchase a few of the Jamey Aebersold Inc. CDs.
I recommend you start with the following :

  1. Vol. 1 - A New Approach to Jazz Improvisation.
  2. Vol. 2 - Nothin' but Blues.
  3. Vol. 3 - The II-V7-I Progression.
  4. Vol.12 - Duke Ellington.
  5. Vol.11 - Herbie Hancock.
  6. Vol.17 - Horace Silver.
  7. Vol.31 - Bossa Novas (most songs by the master : Antonio Carlos Jobin).
  8. Vol.32 - Ballads.
Each CD comes with a book with music notation for all instruments (C-, Bb-, Eb- instruments and in bass clef). Volumes 1, 2, and 3 are especially useful for the good instruction material included in the books.
Volume 32 is great for tone practice for wind players.

I personally like Dan Hearle's books on Improvisation : simple but effective.
His Jazz/Rock Voicings for the Contemporary Keyboard Player is a classic. I cover the same chords in my Chords Book 2 (also in JA Vol.2), but it is good to work through Dan's approach.

Once you understand the principles of tritone chord substitution and plurality (Chords Book 2) the chord progressions for the numerous songs in the Jazz Improvisation Series (Vol.1 to 4) by John Mehegan can be understood in a more meaningful perspective.

The Charlie Parker Omnibook contains transcriptions of 20 of his great solos. This is a book that every serious Jazz student should have and study. It is available for Eb-, Bb- and C- instruments, so specify which one you want.

You also should have a good collection of Jazz standards lead sheets.
One of the best currently available in Australia is The Ultimate Jazz Fakebook, compiled by Herb Wong. It contains over 600 songs, and is available for C-, Bb- and Eb- instruments.

Please note
Jazclass only provides in house generated music education materials, and is not a retail outlet for records or music CDs.

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