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Hello and Welcome, I am

Babette Furstner

Vice-President of
Pacific Gateway International College

and Director of its Brisbane Campus (Australia)

My Philosophy in Life

My Paintings

There are three thoughts that inspire what I am doing in my life.

Firstly : the story of the Bee
The bee wakes up every morning without questioning its purpose in life. It goes out and does exactly what it loves to do - search for the things to make honey and build a nest for its community. Bee
A simple life that appears to be insular to the bee and its' loves and needs.

However what the bee is really doing by being true to itself, is pollinating all the flowers and trees, which in turn brings life, beauty and nutrition to the world.

Each one of us are like the bee.
Focusing on what we love and being true to our self, no matter how ordinary it may seem, has the potential effect of global change and development.

Secondly : everything comes to us through people
How effectively we communicate, identify similarities, manage, respect and facilitate differences, and express our uniqueness, has a powerful impact on what we do in and to the world, and how well we get through our lives and achieve the dreams or tasks we feel compelled toward.

Finally : Margaret Mead's words

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the World.
Indeed it is the only thing that ever has!"

This thought has developed in me a drive to empower as many people as possible with good, life enhancing communication skills. By doing this I know that I instil in these people the capability to make an impact on some of the global and personal issues faced by our generations.

Being the Director on site and coordinator of the team that set up the new Pacific Gateway International College in Brisbane (Australia), has enabled me to incorporate these ideas in a school that has as it's core objective to create global citizens.

Our campus in Brisbane has been designed to develop the students into excellent communicators and to provide them with the life skills necessary to operate successfully in a multicultural global village.


Copyright © 2003 Babette Furstner.